Software Development Delivery

When we receive your system requirements we will evaluate them and draft a timeline or milestones by date. We will provide reports and deliverables for every miliestone completed, this includes giving out all the completed codes, designs and any other documents needed as per the requirements.

At the end of the contact, we will provide all the designs, codes and documentations (Through private repositories such as github, svn or how the client specifies). We expect the client to raise any issue within 30 days after delivery after which we consider them as new requirements.

Graphic Design Delivery

When you give us a description of your design, our designers will work on it and ensure its being delivered on time. A complete design will be sent to you via an email you provide to us. If you do not mark your order as approved within 10 days upon delivery or request for revisions, we will automatically approve the order and mark the service as successfully delivered.

SEO Services Delivery

Based on the package you order with us, we will send a custom report showing and explaining the work we have done.