Useful On Page (On Site) SEO Practices

On-page SEO or sometimes referred to as On-Site SEO, is the practice of optimizing the website pages content as well as the HTML code, for both users and search engines in terms of what information the pages are providing.

Meta Title seo  Meta Title
Page title helps Googe and users to understand what your page is all about. Get optimized page title length and keyword distribution. Missing, duplicate, and poorly written title tags can all negatively affect your SEO results.
Meta description seo  Meta Description
Meta description helps the users understand your page better. It is the text snippet displayed on the search engine result page. We will help you structure an SEO friendly meta description, optimal length as well as keywords distributions.
On page seo optimization  Header Tags
Headers tags provides the structure and context of a website page. Header tags ranges from H1 to H6 and are crucial in determining which keywords are important to a particular page.
On page seo optimization  Keywords Usage
Keyword distrubution and formation matters in your page content. Keyword stuffing can lead to negative SEO. Properly structures keywords help search engines determine which keywords to target and rank them based on user query.
On page seo optimization  Robots.txt
Robots.txt is used to avoid overloading website with requests by telling search engine crawlers which pages and files they can or can't request from the website.
On page seo optimization  Sitemap.xml
Sitemap.xml lists all the urls of the important pages on your website and helps search engines to find and crawl all of them. Sitemap also helps search engines to understand the structure of your website.
On page seo optimization  Broken Links
Broken links affects search engines crawling capabilities which affects your website SEO performance. Fixing broken links improves user experience as well as search engines ranking.
On page seo optimization  SEO Friendly URL
All your links should be SEO friendly, contains relevant keywords, contains no spaces or other characters.
On page seo optimization  URL vulnerability
  • Case sensitive - In SEO word can differ in meaning based on case used. Search distingushes words based on different use of lowercase and uppercase letters.
  • Trailing slash - Ensure that the URLs redirect to a preferred version of the URL.
  • Injecting parameters - Check and fix injecting parameters variables which can be added to the website link.
  • Duplicate slashes - Ceck and fix duplicated slashes on website links.
  • HTTP and HTTPS - Ensure that website uses HTTPS protocal and all HTTP requests resolves to HTTPS.
  • WWW and non-WWW - Ensure that both WWW and non-WWW resolves to same url. This prevents URL canonicalization issues. If this happens, search engines may be unsure about which URL is the correct one to index.
  • Accessible index page - Ensure that search engines see your, and as one page but not as different pages. If you don't tell search engines which URL to use, they will make the choice for you or might treat them as equal, negatively affecting your seo performance.
  • Hidden Links - Checking and fixing hidden text or links in your content. Search engines treat this as a manipulative act for search rankings and it is treated as deceptive and a violation of webmaster guidelines.
On page seo optimization  Image Alt and Title
Ensure all images have correct alt and title tags as well as SEO optimized ones.
On page seo optimization  Inline CSS
Fix all inline CSS usage to make pages lighter, improving loading speed and improved performance.
On page seo optimization  Deprecated HTML Tags
Check and fix all deprecated HTML tags used in your page structure. Deprecated tags will loose browser support affecting your page structure and display on browsers.
On page seo optimization  Google Analytics
Connect your website to Googe analytics in order to gather useful insights about the website performance.
On page seo optimization  Favicon
Use brabded favicon to uniquely identify your website, while helps users to quickly identify and recognize your brand.
On page seo optimization  Speed optimization
Reduce the weight of your page thus increasing its loading speed while ensuring it remains SEO optimized.
On page seo optimization  Image Caching
Specifying how user browser should cache images and for how long to improve images loading and rendering on the browsers when they visit the website next time.
On page seo optimization  JavaScript Caching
Specifying how user browser should cache JavaScript files and for how long to improve pages loading and rendering on the browsers when they visit the website next time.
On page seo optimization  CSS Caching
Specifying how user browser should cache CSS files and for how long to improve pages styling and rendering on the browsers when they visit the website next time.
On page seo optimization  JavaScript Minification
Checks if any external javascript files are being used and if external and internal JS files have been minified. We minify the files to reduce page size and overall load time.
On page seo optimization  CSS Minification
Checks if any external CSS files are being used and if external and internal CSS files have been minified. We minify the files to reduce page size and overall load time.
On page seo optimization  Canonical Tag
Ensure all pages have unique canonical tags. Using canonical tags informs search engines that a specific URL represents ta certain page. This prevents problems caused by identical or duplicate content appearing on multiple URLs.
On page seo optimization  HTTPS
Ensure your website is using HTTPS, a secure communication protocol over the Internet.
On page seo optimization  Structured Data
We add HTML Microdata specifications also known as structured data markup to your website. Search engines use structured data to understand the content of your site and create rich snippets in search results and reviews snippets which creates more user trust and increase click rate.
On page seo optimization  Custom 404 Error Page
A custom 404 page, with custom messgae, well styled up and with useful information and links on what the user should do or where they should visit next.
On page seo optimization  Internal Linking
Internal linking creates relationship between pages and helps search engines understand your pages, how they relate and their niche. This one thing that improves specific keyword ranking.
On page seo optimization  Keyword Cannibalization
Cannibalization occurs multiple pages target or rank for same keywords reducing their SEO strength and search results ranking since you are competing with yourself. We will identify and fix all keyword cannibalization on your website.